Your SchoolMunch Wallet

SchoolMunch Wallet makes ordering and picking-up your food quick and convenient.  

Here’s how it works:

All customers are given a Wallet with their SchoolMunch account.  

Your current  Wallet balance is shown next to your name in the upper left-hand corner on the SchoolMunch website:

You can add money to your Wallet with a credit card online or with cash at pick-up.  When placing an order, the amount of your order is deducted from your Wallet.

If the amount of your order is less than your current Wallet balance, you owe nothing at pick-up and can take your food and go!

If your Wallet balance is less than the amount of your order, you can add to your Wallet online or pay the minimum difference in cash at pick-up.  

Although you can pay in cash, NO CHANGE IS PROVIDED AT PICKUP!

Instead, any difference between the amount you pay in cash at pickup and the order amount will be put in your Wallet for future use.  

This makes the pickup process smoother and easier for everyone:)  

For example:

If your current Wallet balance is $0

Your current order amount is $3

You pay $5 at pick-up

Your new Wallet balance will be $2, which can be used for future orders!

Let's get munching!